suzanne carr

She'll do your portrait right there, on the spot. You may have seen Suzanne Carr at some local blues venues. She's the one who's drawing like crazy, capturing the moment in color on paper.  She'll be showing some of her work at Edstock. 

She asked me to let folks know she will be available for personal commission pieces like, favorite band, musician, dancer, camper, sitter stiller.

You'll have to interpret a what a "sitter stiller" is, but whatever you decide it is she will be glad to do a portrait. She is going to donate a percentage of any commissions to Edstock to help keep it going.

I have to say her work has great spirit. It says a lot, all on one page. Here' are some samples of her work, done at local performances.

To get in touch with Suzanne, visit her facebook page.

suzanne carr 1 suzanne carr 2